Posted June 18, 2008 by otrid
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My hair loss started at a young age, I started taking propecia and as a remedy but to be frank i was not consistent with it, 4 years later i started noticing my hair thinning a lot more than what it was, I had to be active about it so i started doing my own research. I came across a lot of sites on the internet, also I did a lot of reading on blogs and exchanged couple comments with fellow bloggers, this encouraged me to make my own Blog and show my results.

I booked my first appointment with Dr Sara Armani, I had an examination and consultation with her, a few months later i booked my surgery. Now I am on my 5th month results wise, The results are very nice, I am very happy and i was told on my last visit to the clinic which was just few days ago that I still have a lot more growth to come!

The Armani clinic was just great over all, the professional environment makes you feel trusting in the staff as well as the medical staff that handled me with extra care, everyone is super nice and helpful. Sara Armani really has a great understanding for what she is doing and a great care for what the patient wants.

 The day of surgery went great, i even got to take small breaks during the surgery so i cant rest for periods of times which showed me how careful they were with the patients, the launch break was excellent as well as the food that i tremendously enjoyed eventhough i was slightly numbed.

I have my before pictures and 5 month pictures to display, as you can see the results are wonderful and keep geeting better each day. I will promise to keep my blog updated to repay everyone who helped me so much. So long!